Demo Bikes Available!

We have a rotating selection of demo bikes from Orbea, Scott, and Devinci. Stop by or call for the current selections and availability.

Helmet, shoes, pads & accessories

Stock up on essential accessories, like Five Ten shoes, Bell helmets, gloves, and knee pads!

Bell Super 2R helmets in stock!

With its game-changing removable chin-bar, the all-new Super 2R is two helmets in one. Remove and stow the chin-bar in your pack or on your rack on long climbs, then lock it in place when you’re ready to rip more aggressive terrain.


BGB Racing Team Camp

What do you do after a productive 3 race series on the east coast…you go to Billy Goat Bikes Racing team camp. With some racing under the belt,..

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Enduro21: Passion for Enduro - Chasing The Baylor's 2k16 | Ep 2

If I watch one more motocross video with riders cross training on mountain bikes in full Lycra I’m going to lose my mind. Do they not realize..

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DHSE – Wrapped Up

Okay, the DHSE Series is over and here is the BGB race report. Check it out, leave us a comment, follow our blog.…/…/24/dhse-wrapped-up/

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DHSE – Wrapped Up

Practice Day The last stop for the Downhill Southeast series was the new site at Bailey Mountain in Mars Hill, NC. This would be the 1st race..

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