How to Properly Clean a Bike Chain

Remove and clean bike chain

How to clean a bike chain without removing it Most of us don’t have the time to thoroughly remove the chain of the bike to clean it. Therefore, here’s an easy guide on how to clean the bike chain while it’s still intact on your bicycle. First of all, the chain is important to clean. … Read more

How to Remove Bike Chain Master (Quick-Release) Link

How to remove and install bike chain master link

Chain link types Bike chains nowadays have a master link or the quick link, which makes chain disconnection, reconnection, and replacement convenient. What the master link does is connect the two ends of the chain’s inner plate ends. Master links are quick-release links that come in all shapes and sizes and the master links before … Read more

How to Tighten a Bike Chain

How to tighten a bike chain on a single-speed

How to tighten a bike chain on a single-speed (fixie) When you are using a fixie bike (or any other bike, for that matter), chain tension is important for fixed riders since it is a safety issue once your chain turns loose. With that said, if you ride fixed and your chain falls loose, it … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Beater Bikes

beater bike

What is a beater bike? Also called a pub bike, beater bikes are a great safety measure and go-to bicycle once you head out in the streets of an unknown and potentially unsafe town or city. Because most people own a main bike that’s typically pricey and have sentimental value, beater bikes became popular. If … Read more

How to Remove or Install Bike Crank without Puller

How to Remove Bike Crank without Puller

Prepare Before you pull a bike crank, you should know the type of crank you have as different types may have a different procedure. Nonetheless, the reason why they need to be taken apart and installed is quite similar – for services such as replacement or cleaning. You may also want to know your crank … Read more